Diary of a parent & her LifeSkills path

Meet Zena, who’s going to keep a video diary of her and her son’s LifeSkills experience.

Part One: Meet Zena

In the first part of this new series, Zena introduces us to her family and in particular, her 17-year old son Paris, who she’s helping prepare for the world of work.

Zena wants Paris to recognise the skills an employer will be looking for, and how he can develop those skills. What is he doing at school that an employer will be impressed by? What skills does he have that will make him a good addition to the workplace? Zena will be using LifeSkills to help Paris answer these questions and more.

And stay tuned for the next episode, where Zena will be using the Wheel of Strengths tool to help Paris figure out what he really wants to do when he leaves school.