Find out how completing LifeSkills gave Dom the confidence and skills he needed to bag an awesome job.

After I finished my A-levels and I was on my gap year - I realised the real importance of landing a great job. I decided to focus on my chosen career path straightaway – looking everywhere for the chance to gain the skills and experience that I’d need.

I did loads of work experience, apprenticeships and internships all over London to try and find something more permanent. I had some great one-off jobs with companies like Google, Flavour Magazine and PRS for music, but found it was hard to hold down anything long-term. Then I found LifeSkills.

Why I chose LifeSkills

LifeSkills was on the hunt for three young and social media savvy people who would be keen to get their foot in the door. It was perfect for me. I’d been on Facebook for years and in my late teens I’d log into Twitter and Instagram pretty much every day.

I applied for the internship and received an invitation to an interview. I tore through the LifeSkills website, cluing myself in on all the best practice for my interview. I even dressed to LifeSkills’ guidelines and made sure I planned out my own questions according to the ‘Preparing for an Interview’ module.

It paid off. A month later, I had a graduate level internship, helping young people with the same problems I had been facing just a few months earlier.

Another part of the website I found helpful was making connections. Through connections I was offered work experience at an award-winning public relations agency, showing I was capable of working in a busy and bustling office environment.

Finally, I was offered the full-time role of Account Assistant and go-to guy on social media. Now I use my strengths on social to benefit my new employer and I’m learning a whole new occupation from the ground up, something I would have never achieved without the help of LifeSkills.

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