Understanding money means young people are better placed to look after it. LifeSkills online covers key money skills, each packed full of useful and engaging activities. Here’s just a taster.

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Understanding money basics

This key skill teaches them the importance of having a healthy attitude to money and balancing spending versus saving.

  • Your Money Personality

    An interactive quiz exploring spending habits.

  • What’s your attitude to money?

    Valuable advice on getting to grips with finances.

  • Helpful and unhelpful money habits

    A simple exercise to decide which apply to them.

  • Where does your money come from?

    Thinking about sources of income and how they might change.

Getting to grips with money and banking words

This key skill helps them understand important financial terms, understand what happens to their money and stay in control of it.

Young people can sign up to LifeSkills for this and even more activities covering bank accounts, more money jargon and the benefits of banking online vs in branch.

Spending, saving and borrowing money

This key skill explains the ins and outs of all three and helps young people plan for any potential pitfalls.

Young people can sign up to LifeSkills to also explore earning vs spending, ways to save and credit cards and borrowing.

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