Which path will they choose? Starting to think about their path to work now can make things easier in the future.

School doesn’t last forever. These useful activities will help young people use their time there to make positive decisions and learn about different career paths available to them.

Making tricky decisions

School-leavers are at the stage in life when they start being able to make decisions for themselves. An exciting time that can also be scary. Only they’ll know which decision is right for them, but there are ways you can guide them.

  • Get them to think about what they like

    Which subject do they enjoy at school? If time flies during certain subjects, it means they’re absorbed and loving it.

  • Encourage them to talk to others

    Friends, teachers and, of course, family can be a great source of ideas and inspiration. Let them know you’re always free to chat.

  • Ask them to plan the path ahead

    If they know where they want to get to, ask them to think about the steps they’ll need to take to get there. Our Path to Work tool can help them visualise those steps.

Other useful resources

Explore apprenticeships with Gov.UKL: http://www.apprenticeships.gov.uk/

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