We know that it’s an exciting time for young people moving from primary to secondary school, but some students will naturally feel anxious. The activities below can support your young person adjust to the new setting, make new friendships, communicate with a broader range of teachers, as well as the academic challenges related to homework, following a timetable and the expectations which may be put on them. They aim to help all young people preparing to make the transition to secondary school, including those who have missed out on in school experiences that would have prepared them, and those who may not be visiting their secondary school as planned.

You could also encourage your young person to listen to the young people below, who talk about the transition from primary school to secondary school, from a year 7 perspective.

Click here to for Daniel’s practical top tips on how to prepare for the move.

Click here to hear from Lila who offers some tips as well as describes some of the emotions she felt. 

It may be also be useful to you to hear from a parent how to help your children build key skills when moving up to secondary school by reading this blog.

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