Helping your children get great work experience

You can find opportunities within your own network, and LifeSkills can also set them up with valuable work experience.

Let’s set the record straight. Work experience is a bit different these days – a great placement should be so much more than photocopying and making tea.

What makes a great work experience opportunity?

The best opportunities are usually those in a sector your young person feels passionately about. It means they’re more likely to feel engaged and they’ll get a good idea about whether it’s the career for them.

But there’s still plenty to be gained from opportunities that don’t necessarily align so closely with their career plans. Any experience of life on the job will help prepare them for the world of work – and look great on their CV.

Where can you help them find work experience opportunities?

A great place to start looking for opportunities for your young person is within your own network. Aside from friends and family, thinking about other interesting businesses in your local area can lead to exciting options.

Having a smaller, local business on your CV can be just as beneficial as a well-recognised one – at the end of the day it’s all about the experience you get while you’re there and often you can learn more if you’re in a tight team.

Or, you can explore work experience options with LifeSkills

LifeSkills makes it easy for students to find work experience. Here’s how it works.

  1. Unlock work experience

    All LifeSkills students gain +points for completing online activities. At +250 points, work experience is unlocked and they can approach their teacher about finding an opportunity.

  2. Leave it to teacher

    Once a student has spoken to their teacher about what they’re looking for, the teacher can search online and arrange a placement directly with the business.

  3. Enjoy the experience

    Now it’s your young person’s time to shine. Whether a taster or a longer-term placement, encourage them to get the most out of their time. Read our tips to find out how.

Send the young person in your life to our get work experience page to find out more.

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