Remote learning - for primary schools 

primary schools primary schools primary schools primary schools

Supporting young people with money management skills now can help to set them up with good money habits in the future. We’ve designed these primary school lesson plans to support your teaching about money to children in P4-7 or KS2 or Years 3-6. The primary school activities have been created in a way which they can also be used in a remote learning sessions.

The interactive content includes a variety of financial capability topics such as budgeting, saving money, making a purchase, contactless payments and mobile banking. This content supports the Financial Education Planning Frameworks to help you deliver financial education across your primary school curriculum. The lessons also support the development of core transferable skills such as problem solving, communication and creativity and makes use of interactive tools and worksheets.

We recommend starting with Samir’s birthday budget challenge as this activity sets the scene of the learning suite and helps young people relate back when carrying out the subsequent activities, which can be delivered flexibly in any order.