Supporting young people to thrive after the pandemic

Youth employability during the COVID-19 pandemic Youth employability during the COVID-19 pandemic Youth employability during the COVID-19 pandemic Youth employability during the COVID-19 pandemic

From emerging trends in our ways of working, to shifts in the highest demand job sectors and the skills needed to meet the needs of these growing industries, the pandemic has impacted the labour market in a number of ways.  More than ever, it will be crucial to help young jobseekers develop the right employability skills as they enter and navigate a fast-changing job landscape.

This page provides a roundup of the main predictions around how the world of work will change, as well as how young people can be supported to succeed within it. 

How do young jobseekers feel about the future?

Whilst there are positive attitudes amongst young people about what the future holds, many understandably still have questions about what a post-Covid job landscape looks like.

How do young people feel that coronavirus will impact their lives? 

How can LifeSkills help to support young people with their futures?

LifeSkills can help by offering content to help them develop their employability skills, which can be delivered through free lesson plans, worksheets, independent activities, tools, films and more.

These types of employability activities will be more important than ever to equip young people with the key skills and confidence to transfer across different jobs and industries.

What are the challenges young people face in a changing job market?

They face a unique set of challenges as coronavirus continues to affect the economy now and in the longer-term.

The pandemic is also predicted to impact earnings and the economy.

How has the pandemic impacted the types of job opportunity available?

Whilst various sectors are likely to decline as a result of the pandemic, it’s predicted that even more new roles will be created.* The pandemic has led to a shift in high-growth job sectors where workers are most needed, so a focus on upskilling and developing young people’s ability to thrive in these areas is paramount. Here are just a few examples, you can also find a full list here.

To thrive in in these industries, young people will need to focus on developing a range of transferable skills.

How is the pandemic changing the way we work?

Digital skills and flexible working are among the biggest working trends to come out of the pandemic.